Conducting with the Body

Conducting with the Body_

A research based project in collaboration with Typhaine Delaup

In this current system where the focus is on production and consumption, we look at improvisation as a way of focusing on the process. Reinventing what we superficially see as emptiness into full flow and constant motion of information.

Looking at the development of our choreographic language and its application to performance and teaching, we are dealing with different methodologies of live composition applied to movement practice and different uses of the  Soundpainting language.


Upcoming workshops and showings:
AUGUST 2018:
Public Showing. Friday 17th, 4pm, Pavilion Dance South West, 

MAY 2018:
Professional Class. Monday 14th/ Thursday 17th, 11am, Tripspace,     London.
Public Showing: Thursday 17th, 4pm, Tripspace.
Professional Class. Tuesday 6th, 9:30am, Dance City, Newcastle.

Workshop-Live Composition and Soundpainting. 
Tuesday 13th, 10:30am-1pm, Dance City Sunderland. 
Registration and info:  

Public sharing. Friday 16th, 3pm, Dance City, Newcastle

Professional Class. Tuesday 14th 10:30am, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds.                                                         
Public sharing. Friday 17th 3pm, Yorkshire Dance, Leeds.

Workshop- Live Composition and Soundpainting. Friday 13 Oct, Teatro Carlo Felice Genova. DEOS//Giovanni Di Cicco.

Company Class. Tuesday 3rd 10.00-11.30am, DanceBase Edinburgh.

Public sharing. Friday 6th 4pm, DanceBase Edinburgh.

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