The body is a place of passage, transformation and exchange with its environment, in a cyclical process of in and out, giving and taking, affecting and being affected. Sputi is a contradiction in its ultimately passionate critic of a consumeristic society devoted to the multinationals gods. The performer inhabits a sterile and transparent space, engaging with different means of expression:  from an alchemy  of spits and colours, to the use of words, advertising, music and movement, in the attempt to finally say the names, numbers and even the ingredients of what is defining us as human beings.

Concept and Performance: Virginia Scudeletti-
Mentored by Claudia Dias and John Ashford
Winner of Inteatro Festival Academy 2014
Produced by Inteatro and supported by: OT301, Spazio Saravà, London Contemporary Dance School, Swallosfeet Collective, Clarence Mews Studio, Inteatro (IT).

See Review


Performance @ Old Market Theatre, Brighton. Swallowsfeet Festival 2016 Photos by Paul Seaby


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