Shuffle Project

A collective residency hosted by OT301, Amsterdam, curated by 4bid Gallery.

[..] Space, Time, Light, Noise, Music, Bodies are all parts of the environment and they are forces of equal strength and independence. [..]image007

This is really about switching off from the idea of “reacting”. [..]

..what is it not to perform to the music and instead to accept the independent existence of music and my independent existence as equal parts of the environment; do not react to the music, exist with the music. Don’t give in to immediate reactions dictated by habit and social codes, make space for deeper impulses and new image005sensations, feelings, movements, states of
body and mind. [.. does this state of coexistence challenge our approach to “collaboration” between art forms and our approach to performing for an audience (where of course the audience is an element of the environment).


Photos by Paolo Poggi

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